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First time to NTI

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    I'm going through the brochure and what-not and trying to plan out what I will (hopefully) be attending. I'm applying for a scholarship at my hospital to attend.
    Anyway, i'm finding the whole process kind of do you plan everything as far as when you go to classes, etc? Is there not just a general schedule/itinerary for nurses to follow? Any tips for first time attendees!

    I guess what I am confused about is the pricing. Do I have to pay the $420 for the main conference and then an additional $99 for each course? Or are those just the prices of the courses if I decided not to attend the entire conference??
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    You may be confusing the preconference days with the conference itself. Sat and Sun are the preconference days that you have to pay extra for. The $420, I thik it is, covers the Mon-Thurs conference. At least that's my understanding.