Does Australia really need qualified nurses?

  1. I am just wondering if Australia really needs qualified well trained nurses?
    They make it so difficult for diploma RN with added diploma in intensive care to just get assessed not even speaking of registered. On top of it all the RN in question have extensive experience in shiftleading, have been a unit manager and have been working in ICU for the past 11 years. When applying to the Nursing council for assessment, she was immediately denied and have to do some bridging course. It amounts to R80 000 in our currency (course only) and in South Africa, nurses are really underpaid and can't afford that amount of money.
    Before July 2010 a friend went to Queensland and she was just a RN, no extra qualifications.
    Just make me wonder, if they make it so difficult for nurses to go to Australia, do they really need them?
    Is there anyone out there with the same opinion or maybe answers?
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