Do Ground Level falls = trauma activations?

  1. 0 Would love to hear input from other trauma centers on how ground level falls/low level falls are triaged-including those who fall that are on anticoagulants/antiplatelets medications. Are they included in trauma activations? There is a debate at our trauma center in regards to activating the highest level trauma team for GLF's even if the GCS is <13 or if the pt is/needs intubation. I'm curious to know what other centers do. Thanks!
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    Depends if they meet your criteria..for example..if I had a person fall that over the age of 60, with a long bone dc, and sustained tachycardia that would equal a trauma alert. If you can..find out who is over ER education and ask them for a copy of trauma criteria..good luck
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    I work at a level 1 trauma center. People on anticoagulants/antiplatlet medications who fall at ground level, are classified as level 2 trauma at my facility. The trauma docs usually sign off pretty quickly though.

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