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  1. 0 I just started a new job on a medical progressive care unit at a big hospital, with a lot of ICU overflow. My work experience is one year on a med/surg floor. I am looking for a good critical care review book that will help me to re-learn the basics of critical care nursing. One that would be good for both new and experienced critical care nurses. Any recommendations??
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    Looking for the same thing !!
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    "Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing" by J. Alspach
    "AACN Advanced Critical Care Nursing" by K. Carlson
    "The ICU Book" by P. Marino (also the Little ICU Book, pocket sized, same author)
    "Cardiac Nursing" by S. Woods, et al.
    "Handbook of Hemodynamic Monitoring" by G. Darovic
    Edwards Lifesciences webpage: Critical Care Professional Education
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    Manual of Critical Care Nursing (this is the 6e, I have the 5e...VERY informative)
    Hemodynamic Monitoring Made Incredibly Visual!
    Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! (I LOVE the Made Incredibly Easy series!)
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    Laura Gasperis DVDS

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