Critical care/MICU books: Best you've read? Critical care/MICU books: Best you've read? | allnurses

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Critical care/MICU books: Best you've read?

  1. 0 AT 47, I have had only 8 months experience on a med/surg unit, and a 3 mth nurse externship on a trauma burn ICU. I am starting on a MICU in September, and I want to prepare myself as much as I can!

    Does anyone have suggestions on what I should read? It could be a true to life biog style book, or a text book - or anything which would help me learn more about the ICU. I'd appreciate it. THANKS!

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    At this point, I'd start with "Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy". I'm a fan of the Incredibly Easy books, although I hate 'for dummies' books as a rule. These offer solid nursing knowledge in an easy, gentle, introductory format. Read that, and you'll be ready for more in-depth books.

    My personal favorite is "The ICU Book" by Paul Marino. Fabulous reference, our unit has one on the shelf and I have my copy at home.

    One that came highly recommended but that I don't use much (just because I have Marino's book) is "Notes on ICU Nursing: Critical Care FAQ Files from the MICU" by Hammerschmidt and Mulholland.

    You'll likely have some in-depth AACN modules to work on within six months of starting that will also offer you a fair bit of insight.

    Best of luck, I'm sure you'll do well!