Cardiac Single Stay Unit - Experience?

  1. Will someone who has experience working in a Cardiothoracic single stay unit be willing to provide some input? I understand the general concept of the units design, were tasks deligated among nursing staff? newer nurses to the unit handeling pre operative and care closer to discharge (once pt stabalizes) and more experienced team handeling post-sx recovery, etc? I have a few years ICU experience, however not a cardiac icu, and we transfer open hearts...I'm interviewing at a facility with a single stay unit and am curious what this type of unit entails...should I expect to essentially be functioning in a telemetry role for an initiation period before joining the open heart team and handeling more critical patients?

    For sure I'll get more information at the interview, but I would LOVE to hear input from those in single stay do you like the set up? is your experience in this setting generally positive? how was the transition? how were the nursing teams determined? Feel free the PM me if you are uncomfortable posting your experience here! Thanks!!

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