Burn ICU Externship Preparation

  1. 0 I will be graduating with my BSN in June 2012 and I may be offered an externship in a Burn ICU until I graduate. I am looking for suggestion as to how I should prepare for this exciting opportunity.

    Currently, I am reviewing fluid resuscitation and general wound care, but what else should I be proficient in order to put my best foot forward during the externship? What topics are of most importance to understand if offered an externship in a Burn ICU?

    At this point I am studying for my exit exam and looking toward the NCLEX exam, so I am looking to be able to prioritize topics of study appropriately.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Want to impress? Your ability to handle psych cases. Poor people with addiction and/or psychological issues get burned most frequently.

    "Yes, I love detoxing violent alcoholics who spit and scream and try to kick at me!" is a good start.
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    Good Luck sounds like an exciting career1

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