Base excess

  1. I'm in the TICU. Can anyone tell me what the ABG base excess is and what it correlates to in the ventilated patient/swan patient/cvp monitoring patient....
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  3. by   John SPN
    Refers to an excess or deficiency in bicarb. < -3 is metabolic acidosis. > 3 metabolic alkalosis.
  4. by   JUSTanLPN
    How does that correlate with "fluid status" ?
  5. by   TraumaSurfer
    Here is a more detailed explanation of various disorders. The ABG itself is very limited in information. Therefore other labs and a thorough clinical assessment must be done and correlated.

    Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs)
  6. by   JUSTanLPN
    You said detailed and meant it lol. As soon as I saw Henderson hasselbach I shuttered thinking about chem 2...good link bud thanks