Advice for new grad entering Med-Surg ICU

  1. Hello everyone, this is my very first post on this board so please accept my apology up front if I do something incorrect. I am writing because I graduated in May 2010 with my BSN, I did an entire preceptorship (90+hrs) in the ICU/CCU & absolutely fell in love with the area. I obtained my ACLS prior to graduation & have attended a 3-day continuing education conference for ER & Critical Care nursing. I am passionate about the field.
    So as of today I accepted my very first job in the Medical-Surgical ICU of a major hosptial I have lots of resources I am going to start studying further and this hospital has a fantastic New Graduate Critical Care program using AACN ECCO program, but I was just looking for any and all words of wisdom and advice from those in the field now. I am soooo excited about this opportunity & I want to excel in my new job & provide as excellent of care as possible to my patients. I would just like to know any tidbits out there to pass along to a new graduate! Thank you all!
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