Advice for a new-grad (May '13) entering into critical care?

  1. 0 I externed in a major medical critical care unit last summer and was just hired yesterday as a Clinical Nurse I on the unit (pending I pass boards in May).

    I would like to enter into my orientation/residency with as much preparation as possible. What is some good general study material that a new-grad entering into a critical care unit should focus on? I have an idea based on what I saw/did while I was there, but I'd like opinions from others who work in critical care right now.
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    Depending on the critical care unit you're going to, you have to be very well verse in interpreting lab results. Know the policies and procedures. Know the basics of hanging blood products. Know your ACLS meds and vasopressors. Basic dysrhythmias help a lot as well.
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    I see the other thread now, sorry! This can be closed.

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