OOPS-New Questions

  1. Sorry, I should have read some of the threads prior to posting. I guess I can read jsut about everything I need to know.

    I do have a couple of questions though-

    1. What kind of personal effects can you usually take into work-purse, ID, food etc.

    2. Anyone heard of inmates suing nurses and winning? Do you feel that your license is in more or less jeopardy working corrections?

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  3. by   brownsugar8rn
    Your purse has to be see-through, like plastic. No metal or glass. I carry anything I can mircrowave, but we also have a small foreman grill and toaster in our medical clean utility room...also doubles as our locked pharmacy room.

    I have been to court about 5 times. One b/c of a death r/t natural causes. The other for staff r/t reasons, called as a witness. No one has threatened to sue. I've been there 10 years.
  4. by   jamangel
    they aren't strict where I work about the purse. we can't take anything that can be used as a weapon. no cell phones