New Graduate-training?

  1. 0 I might be starting a new correctional RN position soon for an employment agency and I was wondering if they usually train new graduates or do they expect you to hit the floor running? If they do offer training, how long is it usually?
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    Have you asked them?
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    I would definitely want to know the agency that hires new grad since I'm desperately looking for a job but most agencies are asking a year experience.
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    Common sense would say that I should ask the person that will be doing the hiring but I don't want them to doubt my abilities. As I said, I'm not officially hired yet. I just did a physical, drug screen, filled out the paperwork (W2's, etc.) and the employer is still doing the background screen. I'm just trying to find out what's the average amount of time for orientation and training for your average correctional job when your a new graduate. I've seen them for other places ranging from 2-3 days for LTC jobs and up to 6 months for hospital jobs. I guess it's not common for new graduates to get hired into corrections so I probably will have to wait until I'm officially hired. I'm sure there has to be some kind of training, the manager already knows I'm a new graduate.

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