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    Just started in the corrections arena and am looking for any reference guides or manuals for correctional nursing...there has to be one! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi, there: Welcome to correctional nursing! Unfortunately, I haven't found a good nursing-focused book. However, there are 4 nursing chapters in the book "Clinical Practice in Correctional Medicine" and the medical chapters cover all the high points in the different processes. This book is published by Mosby and just went out of print. Fortunately, NCCHC has picked up the print rights and it is available from their online store at National Commission on Correctional Health Care. Bookmark that site and get as much info from the org as possible. They also have a facebook page (ncchc).

    I am not able to promote my correctional nursing blog directly in the threads, but you can find the link in my profile for more info to ramp up your on-boarding to the specialty.

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