Informal interview for county job?

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    i am an old (2010) new grad who was interviewed for a detention nurse position in june. it was for a full-time position at a local county jail. although my interview went well, i didn't get the job (i am assuming they picked someone with more experience). anyhow, today, i received an email inviting me to schedule an informal interview for a non-competitive detention nurse/extra help position. apparently, i am supposed to fill out a personal history statement and bring it with me to the informal interview. at the interview they are going to go over my personal history statement and then i will be scheduled to take an exam for the job class. i have no idea what this all means. anyone ever been through an informal interview for a county position?
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    It looks like they want some per-diem nurses on hand for when the going gets tough. Happens in most correctional setting healthcare services--public and private.

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