Folsom Prison

  1. 0 Considering a job at Folsom Prison.
    Anyone worked there before? Going in as travel first.
    What are the different areas of nursing I could choose from in this prison?
    Nursing for 32 years critical care, psych, er...want to slow down the pace while still keeping assemsment skills sharp...seems like the right place for this.

    Thank you fellow nurses for your input!

    PS have worked as HCA, the "hands on" type, for 6 months at a womens prison....11 years ago (via agency contract)
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    There are many different areas to work in. It is best to go in as a registry person because that will give the supervisors a chance to see you and your work. When it comes time for an interview you are in mostly.

    Most prisons have a nursing line where the IM talk to the nurse about there problem. There is a doctors line that is where the nurse assist doctor with the IM with there problem. There is a little type ER area for emergencies. Then a crisis unit for those who feel Suicidal. Interesting areas to work in.

    Good luck
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