Does anyone here work at a Southern, CA Jail as an RN? Does anyone here work at a Southern, CA Jail as an RN? | allnurses

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Does anyone here work at a Southern, CA Jail as an RN?

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    Does anyone here work at the Banning,CA jail? I'm interested in working at a southern california jail in either Riverside or San Bernardino county. Is the schedule based on 8 or 12 hour shifts? I need 12 hour shifts. What is the salary? Are there openings? I'm currently working as a registry RN at a CA state prison. The job and staff are AWESOME, but my commute is 4 hours per day, five days per week. It's just too much commuting. I'm looking for something closer to home. I'm not one that can handle back to back "doubles" (16 hour shifts based on swaps) in order to achieve a 3 day per week schedule. Do any jails have 12 hour shifts for a 3 day per week schedule, or am I dreaming? =)

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    Hi NewBeee!

    I don't have any experience in Correctional Nursing, but have you checked out the San Bernardino County Human Resources website? They are hiring both Correctional Registered Nurses I & II. Here is the link:

    Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    Did anyone ever get hired for SBCo. Sherriff

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