CNA position in san quentin state prison

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    hello.. i have a interview next week.. is there anyone who knows any thing about the hiring process?? whats it like working there for cna's? how the interviews are??? thanks..
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    As a CNA you pretty much assist the RN admitting inmates if you're in infermary. You do vital signs, ambulating older inmates, 30min rounds, suicide watch.

    I was assigned to infermary and was constantly showing new RNs our rutine.
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    btw, I applied for that position and haven't been called for interviews. I'm willing to relocate from So Cal.
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    ok thanks.. what about the hiring process.. and interviews. how are they conducted?
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    I was contracted and don't know the hiring process. I'm assuming it's the same as the nurses. Interview, paperwork, background check, orientation and lots of luck that you get to work with cool people.

    ...and most lucky you will like it. I just happen to always end-up working with weird people.
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    do prisons hire new grad nurses?
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    got an inquiry for sq and was ranked 3/31.Do i really have a shot of even being called for an interview?