Armor Correctional Healthcare needs a few good nurses!

  1. 1 I work for Armor Correctional Healthcare in NY on Long Island. If you are interested in a career in corrections, check out their website!! A great company to work for!!
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    ARMORNURSE has '10' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Psych, LTC, Addictions, Corrections'. From 'Huntington NY, US'; Joined Dec '11; Posts: 2; Likes: 1.

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    I was just hired and completed classroom orientation today, i start on monday actually in correctional setting-what should i expect my first week-im new to corrections-
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    I'm interested in RN job with Armor Correction at Long Island. I actually did apply to one posted online recently . With 1+ yr of experience in bedside nursing just wondering abt the chances to be selected.. Any advice/ suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Is Armour still hiring in NY? Would they consider an out of state applicant?

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