Anyone work at Stateville in Illinois?

  1. I very much want to work at Stateville. After reading some posts on here, I have some questions. I have never worked corrections and was not aware there were different areas within a prison to work. I thought it was just an infirmary. Anybody familiar with State ville and the different areas you work in? Do you cross train for each area? What is orientation like? Is there a physician on premises? Do you feel there is adequate time for med passes with the rest of your responsibilities (including interruptions)? Is there more than 1 nurse passing meds or is it just you? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just so interested Thanks for listening, hope I get some replies
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  3. by   psysn
    I used to work there.
    There is an infirmary, an urgent care, dental, dialysis, optometry on Stateville side. They also have the Northern Reception and Classification center, which has a psych infirmary, urgent care, receiving, and dental. Interesting factoid: Stateville is one of only two prisons in Illinois that has on-site dialysis.
    Yes, you cross train for all assignment areas. Dialysis is handled by a separate contractor so you aren't trained on that.
    Orientation is four weeks, unless they changed it. You would orient on all three shifts before going to your final shift.
    There is a physician. Possibly another part time MD and a PA/NP, depending on if they have those positions filled. Someone takes call after hours for emergencies.
    Regarding time for med passes, . Depends on who you're working with and which med pass you're assigned to, as well as which shift you're on. I wouldn't describe it as "more than adequate," but it's entirely possible if you do the work and don't waste time. Wear comfy shoes and support socks.

    Apply, take an interview, and go in and see it for yourself. It's the safest place I've ever worked and one of the most interesting.

    On a completely unrelated side note, my internet browser's spell-check wants to change "Stateville" to "Evillest"
  4. by   Heynurselady1
    Just curious if you got the job and currently work there. I interview at Stateville today!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Stateville no longer has dialysis. The only on-site dialysis in the state of IL is Graham down in Hillsboro, IL
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    True story: When I was a kid, we drove past Stateville on my way to my Great Aunt Grace's house. This was before I-80 was built, and it was about the halfway point of the three hour drive. Every. Single. Time. My dad or my grandfather would threaten to leave us there if we didn't stop fighting in the back seat.
  7. by   psychgirl24
    Did you get the job?!? I interview there Friday!