Working At Yale

  1. 0 For those of you who have worked at or are currently working at Yale New Haven Hospital- Could you guys please post what it is like working there? The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, etc.,
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    I love it, for me is a really good employer.
    If you can go for it!!!!
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    What is the best way to apply for new grad? I submitted online but not sure if that is a black hole ?
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    gonzalal: Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I'll be beginning work there soon and just wanted to know what the environment was like.

    nurse56789: From what I know HR reviews online applications.. I had some experience so that may have helped also.
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    nurse56789... I apply online and take them for ever to go back to you, in my case 3 months, I even forgot about it, one night they call me with offer and the whole thing... once they call you is really fast.
    Also try UConn health center, awesome place lots of jobs!!!
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    I've been there for 20 months as a SNA and I enjoy it very much. I love my floor but more so the staff is great! I had an interview yesterday so we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to working there soon! Gotta pass the NCLEX first though! Have fun working there!

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