Will clovis transfer to capital community college

  1. 0 Does anyone know if classes taken online at Clovis community college will transfer to capital community college? Any restrictions?

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    Hello, did you ever confirm whether Capital will accept classes from Clovis CC? I am in the process of registering for my prereqs and unfortunately my schedule won't allow me to take them all within the CT CC system. If you did confirm that they will accept credits from Clovis, can you please tell me who you contacted so I can get it in writing from them? Thanks so much. Oh, and what have you taken at Clovis?
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    Hi Laura,

    Yes...CCC will accept A&P I and II from Clovis. I've gotten it in writing from *************...she is the only one who can approve this. So far those are the only courses I've taken from clovis, but I plan on taking my Eng Lit class from them as well as a Soc course needed during the Nursing program at Captial. Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Good Luck with Nursing....when are you going to apply?

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