Where Do You Plan On going?

  1. Hello Everyone

    I have a question what nursing program(s) in Ct have you applied to or thought about applying to? And what influenced your decision to pick a particular nursing program(s)?
    I am in the process of taking the pre-requites at Goodwin College for their Nursing program. Though I do not think that I will apply to it. I think that I want to apply to a four year BSN program. Any way the colleges that I am looking into are UCONN, Southern, and Saint joseph. And if for some reason I cannot afford a four year college I would then apply to Capital Community College and Naugatuck Valley Community College. I know it sounds like alot of colleges that I am applying to but I figure that the more that I apply to the better chance that I wiill get into one of the nursing programs. Don't you think so?

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  3. by   malamud69
    If you go the community college route go for Northwestern in Winsted. They are in their third year of having a Nursing program and they by far have the best science classes around.