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  1. 0 Hello Everyone and Happy New Year. What school do you think would be better. I am looking into different nursing programs. I am currently attending Goodwin College which is a two year school and about fifteen minutes from where I live and it is very expensive. And I am not sure that I want to attend their nursing program because it is a two year program and I really want to get my BSN. I am also looking into Saint Joseph University which is very expensive but is only fifteen minutes from where I live. along with and Central Connecticut State University which is about twenty minutes from where and it costs about the same as Goodwin College. And I have looked into The University of Connecticut which is about forty- five minutes from where I live and it also costs about the same as Goodwin College maybe a little less. I have figured it out that because I am going to school part-time due to family obligations that it will take me about two years before I can enter into Goodwin College Nursing Program. And that it would take me an additional year before I enter into a four year nursing program. I have been looking up the different types of nursing that I can do once I graduate. And what seems interesting to me so far is bedside and TLC nursing . If any of you have any suggestions I would gladly like to hear from you.
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