Westport, ct anyone

  1. 0 I was just recently offered a travel position for psych at st. vincent medical center in westport. Has anyone worked there or lived in westport? any advice or info is greatly appreciated!
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    I did not want to reply but I thing nobody else can say anything. I did not work in the hospital but I work in Westport. It is very exclusive area and I heart the clients at the Westport side are mostly the same. You have to know how to deal with rich people. It is very different than the rest of the world, but after some time you adjust and finally miss the people. That how I feel when I do not work anymore in that area. You will find very nice people and very self-fish as well. Good luck if you take the job and will be relocating.
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    I live in that area and ditto...it is very wealthy more than Beverly Hills..the people are snobby and well to do and want everything yesterday. You will definitly need to know how to cater to the rich. Sometimes its not about how their spouse is, but how well they are treated. I'm sure your co-workers are great, however I've never heard of this place? Do they give an address?

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