UCONN - Masters Entry into Nursing

  1. I was wondering if any current or previous MEIN students are out there to answer some questions.

    Does anyone know if the letters of recommendation need to be sent directly from the recommender or in one packet with the other supporting documents? Also, does anyone know how much of a difference it makes if you apply for the August 31 deadline as oppose to earlier? I wont be finished with my pre-reqs until AUG 7 and was wondering what my chances are of getting in applying that late. Fortunatly, i have excellent undergrad GPA so i am hoping for the best.

    Also, how is the program at Avery point?
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  3. by   jurlique
    You can apply first. They will consider you earlier.
  4. by   VickyRN
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  5. by   uconn2013
    I had my letters of recommendation mailed out by the individuals that wrote them. I applied by the JUNE 30 deadline and recieved my acceptance letter on July 9 to the Storrs campus. Good luck.