Suggestions for CT ICUs?

  1. Hi!

    I am graduating from a BSN program in May. I have an interview and shadow at Yale New Haven in 2 weeks for their SICU. There have been several threads on here about YNH with some great info. If anyone has more to say about the hospital, their ICU program, or the nurse residency program, I'd welcome your thoughts!

    I'm also looking into St Ray's, although the YNH ICU nurse I talked to said many RNs have come to YNH from St Rays out of dislike (thought I'm sure I could get this comment from any hospital staff member).

    I'm also interested in the Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain, but I haven't heard any personal views on the hospital. I think it will be little closer to where I'll be living (the Killingworth area), but I don't want to choose this over Yale if it's sub-par.

    Thanks much for any input!

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  3. by   NS_MA
    Hi Eliza, I am also specifically looking at those exact 3 programs for their ICU residency, I realize that this is a super old post, but did you end up accepting at YNHH? Did you like the program? Any advice would be sooo appreciated!