State LPN programs to re-open

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  3. by   loveit25
    i think that is great because schools are getting exspensive.
  4. by   Adg74
    Definitely great but the price has increased and now I can no longer afford it because they only participate in the Pell grant and no other student loans!
  5. by   loveit25
    u might be able to get a private loan from wells fargo. best wishes to. all so there is a school in ny that cost 9000
  6. by   loveit25
    i just looked at the prices for tuition it's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   Adg74
    I'm going the CT College route, starting my pre-req's this fall. I don't have decent enough credit to get a private loan but thanks for the suggestion!
  8. by   loveit25
    well best wishes to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!