Sacred Heart University MSN FNP Fall 2013 Program Any Word?

  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone heard news on SHU's MSN FNP Fall 2013 admission? They said hopefully a week and we would hear back, I'm anxious to see if anyone has heard via email or regular mail about their acceptance?
    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   goldenmom321
    Luckymee, you should have received a letter by now stating if you are accepted or not. Otherwise, please call ******* director of the graduate program. I am finishing up my BSN and I will apply at SHU/FNP program. I heard it is very competitive and very rigorous which is fine, because i want to pass the boards. I will not be looking for an easy way in and out of graduate school. There are just too many online FNP programs online. SHU has an excellent reputation and their faculty is top notch.
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  4. by   goldenmom321
    Luckeeme, did you receive a letter of acceptance from SHU?
  5. by   mnicolern
    i know i am a year late, but do you have any advice for their group interview process at SHU??