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Prince Tech's LPN program

  1. 0 How is Prince Tech State technical school's LPN program? Is there a waiting list or any type of admissions requirement,? I went to their website, and theres not much infor about how the admission requirements work...
    How is the program? Competetive ? Please explain
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    This program is good if you dont let the teachers get to you. there is no waiting list but you do have to go through a process to get accepted and they only take new students eery 18 months.... so they wont start a new class till sept of 2008. there is a number you can call to get info sent to you it should be on the website
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    oh thanks so much for the information..were you a student at the program?
    is it tough to get accepted, i heard there is a entry test... and there are many applicants and limited seats...