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NWCC in Winsted

  1. 0 I know the nursing program in Winsted is relatively new but small. I was just wondering if anyone had experience with the applying there or the program.
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    I am starting in Spring of 2013. I think there are 32 spots and they had a little over 90 applicants this year.
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    I am applying this winter, with Naugatuck as my second choice. I think their goal is to eventually get up to 48 students, but they aren't there yet. Like the other poster said, they took in 32. I will tell you, from my conversations with people who just finished or are in it now, the summer session is intense. NWCC's program is nights and weekends-both Friday and Saturday. Lecture is usually earlier in the week. They have said if you are dedicated, you can probably swing a job during the regular semesters, but not the summer one.