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LTC Salary?

  1. 0 What is the starting rate for RNs working in LTC facilities in CT?
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    I just started a LTC job in December and it pays $27/hour.
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    Average for lpn new is 22-25 and Rn is 35-40. It's different every where.
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    Northeast CT for a new RN grad is 28.50 for a full time job with benefits. I think is all depends on experience and what type of LTC you are asking about.
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    Where I live here in southern connecticut there is sometimes a big difference just within a 10 mile radius. My first job as an RN in a SNF paid only 26.50hr caring for 20 pts. My second job with only 6 months experience is 32.70hr caring for up to 30 pts. I believe the hospitals pay about the same, the only difference is the amount of patients and acuity.
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    Old thread, but I'm interested to see if anyone else chimes in. I'm a new grad, started at $25.90/hr a few months ago, in SECT.