looking for info on Jewish home in fairfield ct

  1. I am a new (6mos) RN and have an interview with the Jewish home this coming week and I'd like to get some background from people who work(ed) there or know of someone that does. How long is there orientation, how many pts on a unit, is there an RN and LPN on every unit at the same time, is it computerized charting, what, if hired could I expect to be started off at for pay scale on 3-11 shift, is there alot of staff turnover? Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   number41
    Hi there, just curious if you took the job and how you like it? New grad here, saw a posting from TJH and have all of the same questions you did
  4. by   workinmomRN2012
    I went to the interview and the DON was not a warm and fuzzy, I left there knowing that I did not get a job. I normally interview with employers very well. I have since heard through the grapevine that there is a lot of turnover there. Im happy that I did not get a job there based on the feeling that I got from the DON, that usually is carried throughout the facility.