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Litchfield, CT

  1. 0 Hey guys. Can anyone describe to me what Litchfield, CT is like? Is it far away from civilazation? How far is it from Canaan, CT. I am from the Philippines and will be moving to Canaan, CT soon.
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    Litchfield is a nice quaint little town. They have a dunkin donuts, stop and shop, etc. Is it far from civilization? Depends on what that means to you. It's all relative!! :wink2: It is probably closer to civilization that CANAAN!!
    I don't even think there is a McDonalds there. I could be wrong, but I have never seen one!
    I mean, I like Litchfield, but then again, I like the backwoods!
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    Ummm, yeah, there IS a McDonalds in Canaan, CT. A friend of mine is the manager there. Brand new Super Stop and Shop also... not so sure about a Dunkin Donuts tho.