I want to work at Yale New Haven

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    Is there anyone who works at Yale New Haven Hospital?I want to know that after submit the application form online,how long does it take to be reviewed?I'm interested in that Hospital very much.I have current CT RN license,but I am educated outside of United States.I had oversea working experience in another country.Do you think I have chance to get in that hospital?Thank you...
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    It was a v. long time ago that I worked there, so I don't know if this still applies, but I recall that it took a shockingly long time (compared to my previous employment experiences) to hear back from them, get interviewed, and finally get an offer -- a few months, as I recall. However, I was v. happy with them as an employer once I was "in."

    I have no idea about what your chances might be, as I have no current info.

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