Goodwin weekend clinicals

  1. Hey all!

    Tomorrow marks one month until I start my first semester of nursing school. I actually have orientation tomorrow too. I'm scared, nervous, excited, and thrilled all at the same time! What an adventure the last year of pre-reqs has been....

    Anyway...I'm trying to make a decision on a clinical site. I'm trying to choose between Woodlake (part of ECHN) or Hebrew Health Care. Both are about the same distance travel-wise...I just don't know which one to choose.

    I'm just looking for more information to make my decision. Any Goodwin students (or other nursing students) have any comments or recommendations?


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  3. by   ilove
    I'd recommend Hebrew Health Care.
  4. by   gwstudent
    Would anyone recommend Veterans home and hospital in Rockyhill? Why or why not?