Goodwin vs. Capital CC

  1. I'm currently a pre-nursing student at Goodwin. I have prior degrees and am doing well so far in my pre-req classes. Since I should be able to apply to the nursing program next year, I was wondering if someone could give a breakdown of the pros and cons for each school's program.

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  3. by   JBMmom
    You're going to get different opinions based on people's experience. If you search these threads you'll find students that hated and loved both the Goodwin program and the CCs program. I'm not familiar with Goodwin personally, I know two people that did not think it was a decent education, but other posters on here have loved it. I'm happy with my experience half way through the CC program, but my goal was a program during which I could work full-time, and one that was affordable. It meets my needs. Good luck with your future education path.
  4. by   tunguyen
    Hi JBMmommy,

    Is that Nursing program at CCC start from August annually?