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CT Capital Community College - Study Groups?

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I just received my acceptance letter from CCC for this fall and am ecstatic!!! These last 8 months of overwhelming pre-req's was definitely worth it!!! It's been 6 hours since I received my letter and I still keep going back to re-read the letter, LOL.

    So, I've been out of school about 30 years (I know, some of you aren't even 30 yet, ) but I was wondering if people still get together for study groups?! I would love to do this so if anyone is interested, plmk! I live in the Somers/Enfield area. I have a business here in town so I can't stray too far on non-school days but hopefully some of us can make this work!

    Congratulations to everyone on their acceptance!
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    I hope we can get a nice study group going!
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    Quote from JosieD
    I hope we can get a nice study group going!
    Just received your email this am. I will check with Morgan on a Monday date and we can post to the boards if anyone else would like to come! So much to do to prepare, but so exciting!

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