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Credits ever expire?

  1. 0 Hi! I know that at GWCC, the science credits expire, you must take the A&P and Chem. within 5 years. How about general psychology and English Comp? Would these credits ever expire?
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    It depends on what school you are applying to. At St. Vincent's all your non-science classes (psych, soc, philosophy etc) don't have a time limit. However your English does. I believe if you took english over 15 years ago you must take a compentency test in order to use it as a transfer credit.

    I don't think the community colleges have time limits for non-science based classes. I went to NVCC for a while and I'm almost certain they had no time limits
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    Thanks CT Pixie! I spoke with the director of nursing at GWCC and she informed me that only the science classes expire. Therefore, my English Comp. 101 and Gen. Psych. 101 transfer, yay!!

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