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CPR Class at BHSN

  1. 0 Anyone took the CPR class required prior the enrollment for BHSN? I was wondering how does it work? Is it a 4 our lecture and do we take a test at the end to acquire our certification?
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    Hey there,

    I took the class at Hartford Hospital for NVCC. We basically watched a video that took us through the steps and practiced along with the video. The instructors added a few words here and there and answered questions and watched out for people who needed extra help going through the motions. At the end there was a short (i think 25 question) multiple choice test which isn't difficult if you had your eyes open . Overall it was much better experience than i expected i think it ended in about 2 hours.
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    I just took it this week...we were able to leave a whole hour early. It was very easy and to the point. We watched videos, did hands on work, and heard the instructor lecture. We were then given a multiple choice exam at the end which was 25 questions long. Very easy if you paid some attention...good luck =)