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CNA for summer

  1. 0 Hey so I'm a sophomore nursing student. I'll have a CNA liscense this spring and I'm looking to work as one this summer somewhere. Does anyone know of a place that may hire for the summer? I really would love to get some experience cause I think that's a big part of the learning I'll go through.
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    hey, i have my cna cert. and also going to nursing school...ive worked on and off with Maxim Healthcare, i go to east hartford but there are offices all over ct....its a staffing company, so u can pick and choose the places, times and assignments you want to do, they pay 12$ for normal hours adn then more for holidays, nights and weekends. I like working with them, Camille is really nice.
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    ok thanks for the reply! that sounds great! would they hire for the summer then?
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    Yeah, it is a staffing company, so theyre always accepting people. You just have to take a couple pretty easy tests, make sure you have your CPR up to date, or you can get it done there and then you can start picking work, its nice to make your own schedule.