Average RN Salary New Grad '09

  1. Hi everyone,

    Curious to know what the current starting salary for new graduates the following hospitals

    Yale New Haven
    Stamford Hospital
    Greenwich Hospital
    Manchester Hospital

    If anyone works in one of these hospital, please let everyone know any important info in working here as a new grad (orientation program, other staff RN, etc)

    Thanks in advance!:heartbeat
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  3. by   nikki109
    I am interested in those hospitals as well!

    Also.. if anyone knows about..

    Hospital of St Raphael
    Middlesex Hospital
    Lawrence & Memorial

    Thank you!!
  4. by   krettman
    there is another section just for salaries, check it out
  5. by   fheard
    The current starting salary for 2009 at Yale is $27.50 for new grad nurses and $29.50 for perferred hire nurses, meaning you are currently work at Yale. The rate usually goes up $1.00 every year. Also if you are a new grad nurse you get a $1.00 increase after 6 months.