Any info on Canaan, CT? Any info on Canaan, CT? | allnurses

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Any info on Canaan, CT?

  1. 0 hey guys! I'm in the Philippines and I will be relocating to Canaan Connecticut soon. Could you provide me with some information about this place? Any info will really be appreciated. Thanks
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    I saw a few jobs for Danbury Hospital & Charlotte Hungerford (spelling/sorry) Hospital...they are too far for me but, you should type in "LPn/RN" and your new zip code on career builder & you will get pages of jobs out there! Good Luck!
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    Very QUIET place actually too quiet for me.....northwest border of Massachusetts. Potential work place is: GEER ( I think they have nursing home and assisted living) Sharon Hospital and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (those two hospitals are some distance. Then there's Massachusetts, there is other potential work places. Approximately 20 minutes is 3 nursing homes and 1 small rural hospital called Fairview Hospital all in the town of Great Barrington.

    So, you will survive there is lots of job opportunity.

    Good Luck with your relocation.
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