Accelerated BSN programs in Ct

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    Hello! Just wondering if anybody has any advice when it comes to accelerated BSN programs in ct. Southern would be my first choice and I'm currently applying, but I know it is really competitive. Quinnipiac and Fairfield University would be my next choices, however, Fairfield seems to require particular pre requisites that others don't (ethics, religion, philosophy). I can't imagine many people putting the money and time into these courses without guaranteed admission or with different options.

    I would love to hear from people who are interested in or currently students in these schools.

    Thank you!


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    You will probably get more replies if you post this in the CT nursing program forum
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    Moved to Connecticut State Nursing Programs for more of a response.
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    When I applied to Fairfield, I only needed ethics, so I considered it. If I had to take 3 classes that didn't go towards other programs, I probably would have reconsidered. Are you limiting yourself to CT or applying out of state also? Maybe you could find other places where they require those certain prereqs. Good luck

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