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A&p grade for Ct comm college nursing

  1. 0 Hi all! I am just starting a&p and finding pretty intensive! Is it possible to be competitive for applications with a B or B+ grade? My gpa for all prereqs is 3.6 and I haven't taken my TEAS yet.
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    hi! I applied for nursing and I'm 22 on the waitlist out of 121. My GPA is 3.65 and I got a B in A and P I. My TEAS score was 66. I hope that helps.
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    I think it depends on what school you apply for and their pool of applicants. I know someone who got in with a B+ in A&P and a 3.3 GPA. I had a 3.2 GPA, an A- in A&P, and a 77.3 on the teas and I got accepted.