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  1. 0 Does anybody know what the needed GPA is for the University of Colorado nursing school is? Is anybody attending UC? Thanks for any help!
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    I attend UCHSC. My GPA was 4.0, as was that of most of the people in my class. We all seem to be overacheivers, and anal to boot. The stated GPA requirment is something like 2.75 but I don't know anyone with less than a 3.25 who has gotten in. When you write your essay for your application you should stress diversity and any mulitcultural experiences you have had. Some people have medical backgrounds, some don't. The school offers several info sessions throughout the year that would probably be helpful for you.
    Unlike a lot of others in the forums here, I have enjoyed my time at UCHSC and have had clinical instructors that have rocked. I would recommend the school to anyone.

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