UCH October Nurse Residency!

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    Hi! Just seeing who got accepted for the October 2012 nurse residency program at UCH??

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    Hello! Would you mind if I asked which unit you are going to work on? I'm trying to figure out if all of the calls for the unit interviewed on have gone out.
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    No problem. I got hired for medical subspecialties. Do you happen to know what floors haven't been told yet?
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    I wish I knew...I've basically lost hope. I know a girl who was hired to the SICU on monday, so i'm pretty sure a call this week is good news, and a call next week...not so much. Congrats to you though! That's quite an accomplishment.
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    Don't lose hope! I know people who interviewed for different floors who haven't heard back anything yet.
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    Thank you for your words of encouragement! I think i'm just trying to soften the blow...there were only two spots open on the floor so i'm trying to force myself to confront reality so I won't be crushed if I don't get it. Seriously congrats though! This is a really tough residency to get into. I know so many people who applied and didn't even get an interview.

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