UCH Nurse Residency July cohort-Heard anything yet?

  1. So I got an email from the University Hospital last night saying that I would hear about the status of my application today. It is now 11:20 PM and I have heard nothing. For those of you who have applied for the July program, have you heard back from UCH yet?
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  3. by   Sitch321
    I was just offered an interview this morning via email
  4. by   stephanie000
    Hi there,

    Yes, I received a call May 18th to schedule an interview in the Burn/Trauma ICU. I am scheduled for June 6th. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on the style of interviews conducted at UCH? I'm an out of state applicant so I don't have access to any new hires, etc to ask for advice.

  5. by   kerleigh722
    Had an interview for ICU and Tele. So anxious to hear back! Hope all of your interviews went well!