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  1. 0 I was hoping the RN's of CO could respond with a salary range, possilby including specialty, years of experience, shift differentials, call requirement and pay, sign on bonuses, reloc and tuition reimbus. Please do not include name of employer for confidentiality reasons. Thanks
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    I have worked L&D for 5 years and have been a nurse for 11 years, work full time nights(not by choice) and make $28.65/hour which includes shift differential, do not receive weekend diff.
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    rn 32 yrs, l and d for 25, same hopital, $30/hr, there is wkend and shift diff. but not sure what exactly it is, call is required, different every schedule,more $ for charge position, 6 wkend shifts per schedule. don't know about sign on or relocation, but tuiton varies with the program you go for. regis is mostly paid for with a time comittment. on call is $4/hr and is called in is time and a half. hope this helps.
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    RN- 18 years varied backgrounds, currently step-down $30.16 base with 2.50 evening diff and 5.00 night diff. New hospital and new job.