Pay range for LPNs?

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    I am currently an LPN in behavioral health in the southeast. Pay here is pathetic. I am looking at Colorado, but I know NOTHING about the state. I know that information that I find online might be inflated, so I am wondering what range are LPNs paid in Colorado? Looking at housing on Craigslist, the rents are MUCH higher than where I am, but if the pay reflects that, it wouldn't be so bad. Looking at the Loveland/Fort Collins area. Would that area be considered mountain? How much snow am I looking at? I live in the Appalachian Mtns, so I'm used to snow. Thanks for any replies

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    No ft Collins and Loveland are not mountainous but very close (20 min drive). As for snow, we've only gotten flurries this year so far! It comes, and melts usually within 24 hours
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    If you are willing to drive to Greeley, there is a psych place that is usually hiring nurses. I work HH and the pay is low....16-19 an hour. 19 being the night shift.

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