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Northern CO new grads

  1. 0 Cheyenne just opened up numerous new grad residency positions. I know it's not technically CO but it's not a bad commute at all from Fort Collins (it takes me 10 mins more to get to CRMC then it did to get to NCMC and I live close to the Harmony exit. A friend I had that lives deeper in Fort Collins, it's actually closer for her to get to CRMC then NCMC) and the pay and benies are good. 3 of the positions are; 2 ED and 1 ICU. They also have other units posted.
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    What is the commute from FTC to Cheyenne?
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    40 ish minutes. I live on Harmony and Lemay---not bad at all. I'm L&D days, LOVE IT!!
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    It takes me about 45-50 mins door to door (closer to 45 most days), I have never had a problem with traffic. Commuting to Greeley I often hit bad traffic on I25, 34 and 10th st. so it would often take me 40-45 mins to get there.

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